Posters – Health & Wellbeing

On this page you can view the posters by theme. You can select to view the poster, an accompanying video, where one has been provided, and join the poster presenter in a live Zoom meeting at breaks to discuss / ask questions. You can also make contact off-line by email or social media where details have been provided. If, when you join the live Zoom meeting, the presenter is not there, just leave a message on chat.

NumberNameEmailAwarding institutionAbstract titlePoster linkTwitter HandleVideo
5Joana College LondonCationic Methacrylate Copolymers for Gene DeliveryPoster@ joanacorreiaa1
8Theodoros UniversityMechanical behaviour of 3D-printed prosthetic socket under gait loading conditions: Experimental and numerical assessmentPoster
11Loukia-Pantzechroula of SurreySwitchable catalysts for end-products flexibility in CO2 utilisation schemesPosterVideo
15Syed Mohammad Daniel Syed of SheffieldDevelopment of a Bioartificial Kidney using PolyhydroxyalkanoatesPoster@danielalhabsyiVideo
18Emmanuel University of SheffieldPolyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) and Bacterial Cellulose (BC), highly versatile natural polymers; their use in nerve tissue engineeringPoster
19Jonathan of SheffieldDevelopment of a next generation, natural polymer based, bioartificial pancreas for the treatment of Type 1 DiabetesPoster