Posters – Sustainable Manufacture

On this page you can view the posters by theme. You can select to view the poster, an accompanying video, where one has been provided, and join the poster presenter in a live Zoom meeting at breaks to discuss / ask questions. You can also make contact off-line by email or social media where details have been provided. If, when you join the live Zoom meeting, the presenter is not there, just leave a message on chat.

NumberNameEmailAwarding institutionAbstract titlePoster linkTwitter HandleVideo
7Sunil South Bank UniveristyEnhancing engine oil performance using nanoparticles and bio-lubricants as additivesPosterVideo
9Thomas of ManchesterPolymeric Frustrated Lewis Pairs as Self-healing Gels and Metal-free Catalytic SystemsPoster@Tom_Horton23Video
12Janine of LeedsCharacterisation of the properties of polyphenol crystals to aid the design of novel Pickering Emulsion stabilisersPoster@JaninePreston8
14Steven of LeedsSpray dried surface treated titanium dioxide: Influence of surface treatments on powder flowabilityPoster
17Bruno of SouthamptonThe fabrication of infrared chalcogenide glass fibre, ultra-thin fibre and large diameter gallium lanthanum sulfide windows.PosterVideo
20Julian of SouthamptonBuilding more realistic models of battery materials: Quantum mechanical simulations of an entire graphite nanoparticle and its lithium intercalationPoster@Julian_Q_ChemVideo